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Super Soaker CPS 1000
Super Shooter CPS 2000

As a follow up for the detailed benchmarks for the CPS 1500, I bring you the report for the CPS 1000

All Data on this page has been physically verified an Actual Super Soaker CPS 1000

The Benchmark

Tank Capacity
2.275 Liters - 77 oz
Used a 500 ml measuring cup, and wrote down how many times I dumped it into the tank until it was full. I then measured the remaining water in the measuring cup, and subtracted that from 500 ml and presto.

Pressure Tank Capacity
610 ml - 21 oz

I took a large plastic fruit drink bottle, put it up to the nozzle and  fired away. These findings were double checked several times.

1 Second Blast at 5x
225 ml - 7.6 oz

Divided the Pressure tank capacity by the shot time.

Shot Length at 5x
3 sec

Counted the seconds on my watch as it shot into the trees in my backyard, This gun is pretty good with range...

Pumps to full, first pumping
23 pumps
Pumps to full, later pumpings
20 pumps

The reason that there is more pumps for the first shot and not for the second is because on the first one you have to get the water rolling through the system. It requires a few less pumps when the waters already in the tubes.

Pump Shaft Volume
33 ml - 1.12 oz

Held the trigger back and pumped 10 times into a measuring cup. I divided the water by 10 and what you see is what you get.

Shots per full tank
3.5 Shots

This was the fun part. All I had to do was pump till its full and let the bluenoser loose, repump, and complete the circle until the reservoir was empty.

Performance Overview
This gun is nothing short of impressive. With its very small size, it boasts power and capacity to knock any nonCPS off it's feet and be home for breakfast. Absolutely stunning with its range to gun size ratio, it feels weird to hold this Lil' Blue Death in a handbasket in your hand, and think of it as a Cannon Class gun.

Structural Overview
No nozzles to mess with, and small size give this gun the ability to quickly move in and move out on other water warriors. It may not be the most flashy colored gun in the line, She still looks pretty good. The only downside to her structure is that the reservoir is placed almost totally behind the handle. This causes the gun to feel heavier than it really is, but it was no CS30 to begin with...

Basic Overview
I still like the overall performance of my CPS 1500, but this gun is simply amazing. Such raw drenching power in such a small package is totally unnatural to me!(I have been using classics since 1993) She is the same size as the Classic MDS lengthwise, and that's what impresses me. I was really good at "one handing" my MDS (One Handing - rapidly maneuvering in battle using only one hand on the gun). As with most of the guns in the CPS line they are too big to hold with one hand, but the CPS 1000 is much smaller than all the other CPS's. The only thing with one handing this gun is that it will tend to sway upward when fired, so expect that. This thing has impressive range and power for such a small package, and she should stand up to a larger CPS if you do it right. The Range of this sucker seems impressive too. Pretty much the ultimate weapon, unfortunately, small size brings small capacity. All in all, this is a great gun.
With the Performance to Price ratio, this gun could very well become the standard weapon of the C-WSL.

But all in all, CPS's are just totally fun weapons, if not just totally insane, but the fun ends in a face blast. These guns, even the 1000, carry a high force blast that can lead to serious injuries. So don't shoot these things in the eyes or face. Hit their shirts, it scores you more points.