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New And Improved
Super Soaker Classic 100

To show the New Improved version is not an ordinary CS100, Benchmarks for The NI-100 have been posted.

All Data on this page has been physically verified with an Actual NI-100

The Benchmark

Tank Capacity
1.5 Liters - 48oz
Measured with a measuring cup.

Pressure Tank Capacity
500 ml - 17 oz

After Fully pumped, the water left in the reservoir was measured, and then was subtracted from the capacity.

Nozzle Diameter

Measured with precision screwdrivers. Standard Classic Nozzle is 1.2mm.

1 Second Blast at Maximum Force
65ml - 2.2oz

2oz is the standard yield for an XP, not a Classic.... Maybe New And Improved includes the performance as well.

Shot Length at above 70% power
8 sec

It doesn't stay at maximum power forever, but it sure lasts a long time....

Pumps to full
Pump Shaft Volume

The pump in the tested 100 was damaged in battle. It will sometimes stop moving water through the valves.
DO NOT Overpump the gun to fire it.

Shots per full tank
3 Shots


Performance Overview.
At first I thought this was just an ordinary 100. Me and my friend compared this to an XP150, she matched in range, but Maximum power in the 100 died quicker, as XP150 has two Pressure tanks and nozzle more like a 2x XP. Also, the penetration value of the NI-100 was well above any Classic I've ever dealt with. More than a month later, I lent it to a friend in battle. During the fray I received a face blast that stung so badly it required a stop in play... It's pretty much why I was forced to do a benchmark review for it. Throughout the review, I noticed differences that look more like the job of an XP rather than a Classic. Comparing with the XP90s standard 1.2oz/sec on the Reservoir at, the Output of the NI-100 is well within the bounds of XP performance. The main question is... Is this an XP? I believe it is...
No matter what, This is what the Classic 100 Should have been.

Structural Overview.
I think the first Classic 100 proved that a gun is only as good as its durability. The number of things that went wrong on the first model was so high that it gives the CS100 a reputation as the worst Classic ever. Even the 200 lasted longer.
On this gun many improvements have been made, but made in a way as not to destroy the original design. The plastic throughout the gun is thicker and stronger, the Tubing is thicker and the Nozzle is bigger. The Pressure tank cannot be screwed off, and delivers more power than the first did. The Trigger has a long plastic piece sticking out the back (as it appeared in the CS200), and the part where the bottle screws in has some protruding plastic struts that increase its strength. Only one thing remains to be fixed, the Valve system can easily get gummed up or damaged from overpumping. The damage can lead the user to making more pumps, as the valve that permits water from pushing into the pressure tank, and not pack into the pump shaft, can come loose. In battle now, my pump shaft gradually pushes its way to full stride because of this...