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Super Soaker XP 150

All Data on this page has been physically verified with an XP 150 Mk. 1

The Benchmark

Tank Capacity
1.5 Liters - 48oz
Measured with a measuring cup.

Pressure Tank Capacity
700 ml - 23.7 oz

After Fully pumped, the water left in the reservoir was measured, and then was subtracted from the capacity.

Nozzle Diameter

1 Second Blast at Maximum Force
75ml - 2.54oz

Simply Amazing for a gun like this.

Shot Length at above 70% power
8 sec

It doesn't stay at maximum power forever, but it sure lasts a long time....

Pumps to full

This is one of the Fastest pumps I've ever seen.

Pump Shaft Volume
75ml - 2.54oz

This is the kind of pump they need on CPSs

Shots per full tank
2.2 Shots


Performance Overview.
One word. Impressive. This gun has been rated as the best XP of all time, and I can see why. The largest Rifle in the XP line, 700ml in the pressure tank, and a whopping 2.44oz/sec for an XP. With it's dual pressure tanks it can keep up it's range and rage at near maximum for almost the whole +70% shot time. On Riot blast it can empty its pressure in less than a second! More than the Yield of a CPS (but it runs out fast).

Structural Overview.
The Pressure tank on Mk 1 is a little difficult to use, and in battle its all the worse. But at least Mk 1 has the riot blast nozzle that would literally wipe out anyone who opposes, and its all the more amazing to think when it was released that this things Pressure tank is the size of the standard weapon's (Classic 50 and MDS) Reservoir. An Impressive gun.