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Super Soaker XXP 175

All Data on this page has been physically verified with an Actual XXP 175

The Benchmark

Tank Capacity
1.6 L - 54oz
Measured with a measuring cup.

Nozzle Diameter
2x 1.4mm 

Measured with precision screwdrivers. Please remember that there are 2 Nozzles on this gun instead of just one.

1 Second Blast at Maximum Force
50ml - 1.7oz Per Nozzle
100ml - 3.4oz Total

As if one nozzle working at that power wasn't enough, theres two.

Shot Length at above 70% power
10 sec


Shots per Tank

Performance Overview.
At a first look, all I saw was the single tank compression system, but after the first test I found I was sadly mistaken. The pressure guage is a handy item, this gun will keep firing with decent range well into the white zone. With incredible range and output this gun seems to shoot forever. The pumping is wildly incredible though, I counted up to about 40 or so pumps(but it is easy to pump so it feels like 20).

Structural Overview.
The thing is a hassle to load, one downside of dual screw in tanks that was first seen in the Classic 200. The Long pump fits snuggly underneath the double barrel nozzle and it easy to get at and grip... The Pump slides easily (after all, it is an Air based pump), and has no tendancy to bend, however the pump handle is abnormaly much larger than the pump shaft it surrounds.

Basic Overview.
A Great gun, lots of power. Deserving of it's number, but still might falter to a XP 150. (keyword: might) The Double nozzles are not just a novelty, but a good useful weapon.