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Super Soaker Classic MDS

All Data on this page has been physically verified with an Actual Classic MDS

The Benchmark

Tank Capacity
675ml - 22.8oz
Measured with a measuring cup.

Pressure Tank Capacity
175 ml - 5.9 oz

After Fully pumped, the water left in the reservoir was measured, and then was subtracted from the capacity.

Nozzle Diameter

Measured with precision screwdrivers. Standard Classic Nozzle is 1.2mm.

1 Second Blast at Maximum Force
31ml - 1.05oz

Shot Length at above 70% power
6 sec

It doesn't stay at maximum power forever, but it sure lasts a long time....

Pumps to full

Pump Shaft Volume
10ml - 0.3oz

Shots per full tank
3.8 Shots


Performance Overview
The performance of this gun used to be quite a bit, but now that it has been outclassed by the XP, It is just a gun for the gun rack. However there is one thing that'll make you take it down to use as a backup... The need for a gun that shoots around corners. MDSs swivel nozzle is the greatest thing for anyone who frequently encounters standoffs around building corners and doorways.

Structural Overview
MDS and her Counterparts 60 and 40 were the last rifles of the classic set.When these were put out, Larami had time to work out several design flaws that hampered the performance of the 50 and 100. The design was sturdier and the plastic was thicker. The Tubing may have been slightly improved, but not enough to prevent eventual breakage. Of the 2 MDSs I had, both had tubing breaks around the trigger. Other things to break were the thin plastic around the Bottle mount, the odd shaped pump handle, and the plastic around the non removable pressure tank broke away, giving the gun the same "Flying Tank Syndrome" that can be found with the XP75.

Basic Overview
To me this used to be the mighty powerhouse. The most powerful gun anyone around me has ever seen. When I first got it I laughed hysterically at the old 50's that marched around thinking they could beat anybody. But on an ill wind those days were washed away as the XP dominated the land. The only thing left that I have to hold onto with my MDS is the memories and the suprise that she still works...