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Super Soaker Classic 30

"Peak Performance in a Compact Size" - Original Box
 Detailed Benchmark of 1999 Version
Water Capacity
9oz - 280mL
Standard Price (Canadian $)
Relative Weapon Size
Large Pistol
A Good pistol weapon. Small enough to be hidden under a jacket, yet big enough to serve well as a backup. Though one of the oldest Super Soakers around, it still serves as one of the best Pistol Weapons ever made into todays battles, much outlasting the use of the Classic 50 and 100. Holsters for this weapon can be made easily, adding to the degree of ease of use to this gun.
This gun is one of the most rereleased guns around, having 3 versions so far, the Original Orange version, the Blue Version, and the 1999 Purple Version (Shown above), and possibly the only one rereleased to still live up to it's slogan: "Peak Performance in a Compact Size"...

There were 3 Versions of this weapon (As discussed above)

Orange Version
1990 Original
Blue Version
1998 Remake
Purple Version
1999 Remake

P.S.: This is one of the few Classic Super Soakers to still be recommended for modern water warfare.