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Super Soaker XP 40

All Data on this page has been physically verified with an Actual XP 40

The Benchmark

Tank Capacity
350mL - 11.8oz
Measured with a measuring cup.

Nozzle Diameter

1 Second Blast at Maximum Force
30ml - 1oz

Shot Length at above 70% power
5.5 sec


Shots per Tank

Performance Overview.
A good, small gun, with decent power for a gun this size. Pumping is nice and easy as well as short... When tested on first shot, the gun took only 8 full strides to fully pressurize. The Range is average.

Structural Overview.
Very simple to load with its Tethered screw on cap, which is a design improvement upon its predecessors removable tanks. Just fit it under the tap, fill it 2/3rds way and close, and you're ready to go... It is very easy to tell when it is fully pressurized. When pumping is complete, the gun will emit a rather comical whoopee cushion-like sound when pumped fast, as Excess air escapes through an air valve placed inside the pump shaft.

Basic Overview.
An excellent sidearm, perhaps not as small as the XP 20, but it gets the job done. I as I have done this review at the same time as the XP 70 review, I was more impressed with this gun than the XP 70... I am, however, curious why the already used number "40" (See Classic 40) was chosen instead of the unused "45". The Pumping is very fast for the gun's Single Tank pressure system, range is decent, and the shot time expected for a pistol... My Favorite part is the Pumping however, the Faster the better, because the less pumping needed in battle, the more time you have for fighting, and the less vulnerable you are... of course, with a Single Tank weapon, you have to depressurize before refilling, so you're vulnerable when refilling anyway. However if used as a sidearm for a larger blaster, it can get you through a refill station with protection any day.

Suggested Use: Sidearm or  Pistol Attacks.