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Super Soaker SuperCharger 500

All Data on this page has been physically verified with an actual SC500

The Benchmark

Tank Capacity
1L - 34oz

Pressure Tank Capacity
350mL - 12oz

Nozzle Diameter

1 Second Blast
67ml - 2.3oz

Shot Length
6 sec

Pumps to full
13 pumps

Pump Shaft Volume
27ml - 0.92oz

Shots per full tank
2.5 Shots


QFD Loading Time
To Be Tested
Due to lack of resources from Seasonal Conflicts, this test was unable to be carried out. However, once Springtime arrives on the Northern Hemisphere, this will be cleared out of the way.

Performance Overview
Expecting this gun to perform like XPs, I didn't expect to see much from this gun. I was sadly mistaken. This gun, for just an XP class Nozzle, gave a surprisingly powerful output, with a very Decent Shot time. The CPS technology does shine in this weapon, only dribbling for a tiny bit at the end (All CPSs do, just the bigger ones do it quicker). The Range is good too.

Structural Overview
There were some areas in this category I wasn't impressed with. First, the pump shaft cannot be unscrewed to be removed - in the event of shaft breakage, the gun would be rendered useless. And Second, The Nozzle seemed lousily built, as I had to clear a small plastic burr out of the way that would have affected the Shot performance. Other than these minor errors, the Small Size of this weapon would make it a simply incredible Sidearm choice - having almost exactly the same performance specifications as my beloved XP 95 (Just no Riot Blast, darn.) and the Screw-On/Off Fill Cap makes it all the easier to use than the XP95's Lousy Removable tank. And SuperCharger Technology to boot.

Basic Overview
The gun is quite small, the size of the XP70.. With its Capacity and performance specs it seems that it doesn't even need SuperCharger Technology to be a good gun. This gun is sure to get one from point A to point B in a Smaller Scale waterfight, as well as serve as a top notch Sidearm for large scale battles...

Suggested Use: Main Weapon in Medium Engagements, Sidearm in Large Engagements