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Super Soaker XP 70

All Data on this page has been physically verified with an XP 70

The Benchmark

Tank Capacity
900mL - 30.5oz
Measured with a measuring cup.

Pressure Tank Capacity
160ml - 5.4oz

Measured by shooting into a receptacle container

Nozzle Diameter

1 Second Blast at Maximum Force
50ml - 1.7oz


Shot Length at above 70% power
4 sec

Sad almost, but understandable for the weapon class.

Pumps to full

Pump Shaft Volume
25mL - 0.85oz

Shots per full tank
6.5 Shots

That's alot of shots...

Performance Overview.
This is a Good gun for a sidearm, as well as a good gun for smaller suprise attacks on Friends... In a good price range. As the Smallest gun with a Separate Compression Tank, this gun packs alot of power for it's size. But although the Pumps and Shots/Tank is very good, the Shot Time is just short of sad for a gun like this... Nonetheless, a recommended Sidearm...

Structural Overview.
A very quick fueling loading system, the fill cap bottle, replaces the removable tank on this model, and complements this gun very well... Less Parts to lose too!. With a relatively short pump stride, the gun doesn't appear to need too much worrying when it comes to leaving it extended... (Don't leave it hanging out though, it's not that short.). Having the Separate Pressure tank, the gun can be pointed up or down without firing just air, quite unlike it's Single tank Small Rifle XP predecessors.

Basic Overview.
I wasn't very impressed with this XP, it's short shot time disappointed me. However the range is quite good for a gun this size. Having a Separate compression tank, the gun can be filled up, pumped, and filled again, a very useful trick in long, drawn out battles... This could quite possibly be the best Small Rifle ever constructed, despite my initial impressions...

Suggested Use: Sidearm