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....So you're buying a Super Soaker....

Whether you've been through enough humiliating water battles with a tiny gun or someone else's gun, your old gun broke, or you think its time that you need a Water gun, there is only one true choice for a primary weapon.
The Super Soaker.

These guns are the best made water guns, as they are the most universal line of pistols. They range from the Size of a tiny hand size squirt gun called the XP15, all the way up to the mighty menace that requires a backpack called the CPS3000. However, there are a few things to remember when buying a gun.

Don't leave yourself highly outgunned
Don't get stuck with a lemon
Bigger isn't always better
What do the stores have
Take an extra Step

--==Don't leave yourself highly outgunned==--
Analyze who you fight or will fight. Look at their guns and classify whether or not they have a CPS or not. Usually you'll know if someone has a CPS, they've probably already bragged about it to you.
Just remember that there are Three Classes of guns...
XP/XXP/Supercharger/New Improved Classic
CPS (and the Super Charger PowerPak).
Classics are totally obsolete and usually cannot be found anywhere, or used anywhere. Usually you'll only find XPs and CPSs. XPs are more common, and a standard means of fighting. They perform well, last long, and deliver a good stream of water as well as lasting more than a few weeks like the Classics did. But when it comes to CPSs, they are again obsolete. CPSs have the ability to throw 5 times as much water at you from further away.
That's why you have to analyze the fighters in your area. If they are all using XPs, then get yourself a large XP like the 110 and you'll find yourself on top. But if you see someone around holding a gun bigger than his/her arm, it's time to crack open the wallet. A good gun for a small budget is the CPS1500, Smaller and Cheaper, but has the same capacity and ability as the bigger ones. All and all, if you don't know what everyone has, you can always make friends with the CPS 1000. Smaller and as maneuverable as the XPs, but has all the power of its CPS brothers. The less intimidating size of the CPS1000 will allow to get into the lower power fights, and allow you to stand up on your own against the giant CPSs.

--==Don't Get stuck with a lemon==--
Some watergun models come in different revisions. The CPS 1500 had 3 versions before #4 proved the best. And XP150 has 3 versions. So it is always good to read up on guns before you buy one. It is also good to go to the store and see what they have before choosing. A good place to read up on waterguns before buying is right here on the internet, where alot of pages can be found with excellent watergun reviews. The AquaNexus (this page) has a very thorough database of Super Soakers that includes all of the currently available lines.
There are some gimmick guns to beware of. XP90 is a pretty neat gun with it's pulse fire nozzle, but is not really of any use as it's old technology pressure system lacks power. It's too underpowerful to be used as a big gun, and too big for a sidearm. Other than that there is the 4 versions of the CPS1500. Only one version of the CPS1500 actually is any good. Mark 4 (version 4). This pick of the litter can easily be identified by being the CPS1500 with it's stickers on the opposite side they usually come on, they stick right out.

--==Bigger isn't always better==--
It's always been a dream for someone to own the biggest, most intimidating waterblaster on the block, but it isn't always the case. In the days before the CPSs, the Biggest blaster was better, it lasted longer, and did more damage. Today's CPSs fire so much water and do so much damage that they run out pathetically quickly. After this tidbit of info you may think "hey, maybe I still can wipe the block with my old gun", you may be wrong. Getting shot by a CPS can do the damage of getting shot by an XP several times unless you were lucky enough to have gotten the XP 250, CS/XP 300, or the XXP275 when they were in stores. So you'll have to pay attention to shot times. A gun is only as good as your aim, minus the intelligence of those who oppose. More shot time in cases sacrifice range and damage, but you're not the one who'll be running as much. CPS's 1000, 1500 and 3000 have good shot times. (3 sec for 1000, 4 sec for 1500, and 8 sec for 3000 all on 5x blast setting) While 2000 and 2500 are bigger than the lower two and do more damage, they're the smallest two on shot time...
Choosing a CPS gun is alot like brand loyalty. For every gun in the line, there is a Warrior who cheers it on. Alot choose the 1000 or the 1500. Alot more choose the 3000, and Some choose the 2000 and 2500. But it all depends on what you are looking for. Here is a list of the biggest virtues, and biggest cons on each gun.
(CPS2000 will be excluded for it's no longer on shelves)

Shot Time (5x)
CPS 1000
3 sec
Best Maneuverability
Size gives low capacity
CPS 1500
4 sec
Longest Range (Mk4 Only), Relatively long shot time.
Most likely to break.
CPS 2500
3 sec
Damage is Catastrophic
Relatively Low Shot Time
CPS 3000
8 sec
Almost never runs out.
Less Range and Damage Rate (for a CPS)

This only goes for the CPS class. With XP class, the Higher number usually is better.

--==What do the Stores Have==--
By now you may have picked what gun you want to get. Great. However one thing will stand in your way, nothing hurts more than getting your hopes up for one special gun and then heading off to the Mall, only to find that the gun of your dreams is not in stock anywhere. So make a few gun choices, a preferred pick, and a few backup choices.
So it's best to see what the stores have before buying. This is good for 2 main and very important reasons...
A) What's in Stock
B) What's the Price
What's in stock is what's available, the price is the target price of the gun you may want.

Watch the papers for Super Soaker sales. In spring and early summer, it is common to see Super Soakers in flyers for Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Zellers, and Canadian Tire (last two in Canada only).
Nothing is better than seeing the gun you want on sale, and it'll help you get encouraged to get it on the sale week. More common in SS Sales are reduced price CPSs and Superchargers. (So far this year the most common gun on sale is the CPS 1000). Once the gun is on sale, you can get the great gun you want and save a few bucks.

--==Take an Extra Step==--
Usually when buying a Super Soaker, something will go wrong. The biggest problem is a raise in price that went unaccounted for. Or maybe you didn't observe step #4, and decided just walk in with a pocketful of cash. Once you've decided on which gun to get, but you can't afford that gun... Don't back down. Just go back home and save a little more. If it only takes one more step to reach Heaven, then make that leap. If you back down, you won't be as happy, and your gun may not be as good as it could have been. If it's only a few dollars more, then save that money, it's better to get the gun you want or no gun at all.
Unless of course you're pressed for time and need a gun for the next week or next day. Either get a few more bucks from a friend or parents, or get a lesser gun. There's no worse feeling than being in a battle unarmed.

All and all, I hope this buyers guide has guided you to a wise choice, or prehaps making a mistake.
Thats what it's here for.