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Detailed Benchmark
Best all around CPS weapon. It's big enough to face all of those who oppose it, yet small enough for a quick retreat if the need should arise.
1500 and 2500 are pretty much equally as good. 1500 gives you an extended shot time, smaller size and easier to use pump at the sacrifice of having less shots per load, no 20x nozzle, and less intimidating size.

The 4 different versions are listed below

Mark 1
Mark 2
Improved Range (I am doubtful this edition actually exists)
Mark 3
More Improved Range, orange pump shaft cylinder cap cannot screw off completely.
Mark 4
Stickers on opposite side (right side - see picture above), Greatly improved range, Air Valve the doesn't allow for just air to be fired.
The Major concern of the 1500 is that Many of them are junk. With 4 different revisions, each of which can break in a shorter period of time, finding a good 1500 is like finding a ripe melon. The 1500 has the reliability and life span of a Classic. While it still is an Awesome gun, the Metal Mesh Filter behind the Nozzle can fall out of place and render the gun useless. If you can, take it back to the store and chip in the extra 10$ or so for the 2500 (I did), but if you can't, don't cry. If you can't take it back, open up the nozzle section and remove the filter (be warned, removing the nozzle of the gun has not been tested, and could be very hazardous to the gun. Try only if necessary). It should be life as normal afterwards, but be careful not to let anything get into the nozzle, as it isn't just a nozzle, it's a very large hole.

A very powerful CPS Super Soaker for a relatively low CPS price. A Nozzle that is easy to change and easy to determine in battle. It's Small size is easy to maneuver with. It's large pressure tank gives it long shot times for a CPS. A CPS that has all of the power of larger ones with the ease of use of the smaller ones)

A lot of lemons. Many have broken or were not much to begin with. The Pump is easily broken, the Nozzle filter can fall out of place, and the nozzle changer switch screams to be broken in the heat of battle.