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The History of the C-WSL

Known as the WSL until 1999 (renamed due to a sport league of rollerbladers called the WSL), has a 6 year, but not a extensive history. Created in June of 1993, after Super Soakers invaded the stores of Atlantic Canada, by 4 junior high school students looking for a place to happen. The 4 paired up into 2 teams, "The Waterbombers", and "The Super Soaker Warriors" (SSW's old team). The first battle went off without a hitch, with the Waterbombers as the victors. Unfortunately due to watergun failures and other complications, the 1993 WSL was shut down. The Super Soaker Warriors would have to wait until 1994 until their next chance.

In 1994, 2 new 2 man teams, "The Unsquirtables" and "The Aquanators" joined  the rosters in the competition for the WSL's Water Cup. Plagued by problems and complications, a good schedule was never made. Only the main championship game between the Water Bombers and the Warriors was held, with the SSW's going home with the Cup.

An attempt at season 3 was made. 3 Teams signed up, but as the light began to dawn on a new year, it clouded over. Talks suddenly stopped. 3rd Season was held over for 1996, but even then - nothing.

1996 passed, 1997 passed.

In 1998, the local high school held (not necessarily legally) an underground water war throughout the hallways, featuring guns as small as the tiniest pump-trigger guns, to the Mighty CPS-3000. The seeds were planted for the rebirth of the WSL as the C-WSL in 1999.

Now In 1999 the C-WSL has returned, and in 2000, plans to do even MORE damage... heh heh heh...