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CPS Compression System Acronym for Constant Pressure System, a system using a Thick Balloon-like Rubber bag for pressureization. The effect of using the bag creates a more Constant and more powerful stream.
Mark or Mk <number> A term used to designate revisions on certain models of guns that were improved or changed slightly after their release...
Ex: XP150 Mk1, Mk2 (No Riot Blast), Mk3 (Riot Blast Added and Colours Changed)
Maximum Water Deliverance Defined on as "Squirtage", Water Deliverance is the Amount of Water leaving the nozzle each second. Maximum Water Deliverance is the measurment of water leaving at the First Second, the Peak firing pressure.
Seperate Compression Tank System A Gun which charges water outside of the reservior using One or more Pressure tanks.
Examples of guns that use this method are the XP 70, XP 310 and the CS-100.
Tip: These guns can be opened and refilled without depressurizing the gun while charged. FRefilling after pumping is an excellent way of expanding your Supply.
Single Tank Compression System Pressurization method using one tank for both a reservior and pressurization
Examples of guns that use this method are the XP 40, XXP 175 and the Original Super Soaker - CS-50
SuperCharger Charging System System on guns that can be pluged into a Fast Filling stand and Charged in a matter of seconds without hassle. (The system works by pluging the SuperCharger Filling point (Near the Nozzle) into the charging stand and pulling back the trigger. Charging is finished when you hear the water stop flowing)
QFD Quick-Fill Device or Fast-Fill Charger. The Stand that SuperChargers and Other Larami SuperCharging weapons use for Fast Filling.
Water Capacity The measure of how much water a gun holds.

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