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Here at the Nexus reviews aren't done the same as on other sites.
Some sites will only give reviews of Guns the Webmaster and Friends have.
Other sites will give low quality reviews to guns the Webmaster has never seen.
In accordance to this, The goal of the AquaNexus is to give a High Quality review to all guns tested, but not to let anyone leave empty handed.
In this section you will find a complete picture dictionary of all guns made and a very basic review of each, and detailed reports called  "Detailed Benchmarks" of all guns tested.
A Benchmark, as seen in the Computer World, is a detailed report of performance and ability.
When used here it is a Finely measured report that tells you exactly how well the gun performs, how much water it holds, etc.

A list of Benchmarked guns can be found on the Overall Tab on the review menu.

The information on this site is done to the best of my knowledge. If anyone can correct me or even help supply pictures, please E-Mail or ICQ me. Together we can make this the best Super Soaker Page on the Net Today...
Some Pictures come from the MiB Alliance Super Soaker Website. Until suitable replacements are made, all photos from there will be links to their page.