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The Super Soaker 100.
New and Improved
"For the Serious Watergun Enthusiast"
original box
Benchmark Of the New Improved Version
Water Capacity
48oz - 1.5L
Pressure Tank Size
41 Cubic Inch
Standard Price (Canadian $)
30$(Original) -  20$(New)
Relative Gun Class
Heavy Rifle
The Super Soaker 100 is the original menace of water guns... Later replaced by the 200 and the 300, the SS 100 remains one of the most powerful waterguns even into today. But, as with all of the Classic line, the 100 was very fragile and broke easy.
In Battle it is not a weapon one with a 50, MDS or even the slow loading 200 wants to mess with. Of all of the weapons in the Classic series, the 100 was the fastest charging and has a longer range than the 200.

A new, improved version of this classic has been rereleased in an Orange and Green design. Most of the design flaws that hindered the old 100 have been eliminated. The "New and Improved" SS 100 features a cross pattern support structure in the handle, the base by the water tank has extra plastic beams at its weak spots, and the Pressure tank cannot be removed. The plastic and tubing is thicker and the Performance and Nozzle are more towards the XP's rather than the classics (I noticed a size difference between my old classics and this new one in a side by side comparison). Unfortunatly, Two problems with the 100 still exist. The Water tank can still be screwed in too hard and break the plastic, and the red plastic seals that disallow the gun to be opened up still exist.