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Super Soaker CPS1500 Benchmarks

Inspired by the May issue of "The Resevoir" at on the CPS 3000 and 2500, I decided to make a benchmark report on the wonders of the CPS1500. Although the 1500 may be smaller and cheaper than the others, there are other things that might be useful to know....

All Data on this page has been physically verified with an actual CPS1500

The Benchmark

Tank Capacity
3.1 Liters - 105oz
Used a 500ml/16oz measuring cup, and wrote down how many times I dumped it into the tank until it was full. The 100ml was the measure of the remaining airspace, filled with 100ml of water. A nice fit.

Pressure Tank Capacity
920ml - 31oz

I switched the gun to 5x and fired the enitre blast into the tank from my Classic 100. I then measured the contents. I then tried to do the same with the gun at 10x, but ended up geting most of it on myself. My First measurements (800mL - 26oz) were inaccurate. I then took a large plastic fruit drink bottle, put the gun to 10x and fired away. The total came to 920ml - 30oz. These recent findings were double checked several times.
CPS 1500 Mk4 carrys 850ml - 29oz in the Pressure tank

1 Second Blast at 10x
325ml - 12.5oz
1 Second Blast at 5x
225ml - 7.6oz

Fired the gun at both nozzles into my wide brimmed "Big Kahuna" tank. Counted off one second on my watch and voila.
(Big Kahuna - an air pressure soaker with a tank mounted on the rear that is the same size and power as the Classic 50. Not made by Larami, but it was a good gun. A review exists on the Twilight Zone, on the Information Station)

Shot Length at 10x
2.5 sec
Shot Length at 5x
4 sec

Watched my Timex as it shot off into the sunset, it was really beautiful.

Pumps to full, first pumping
26 pumps
Pumps to full, later pumpings
21 pumps

The reason that there is more pumps for the first shot and not for the second is because on the first one you have to get the water rolling through the system. It requires a few less pumps when the waters already in the tubes.

Pump Shaft Volume
40ml - 1.36oz

Held the trigger back and pumped 3 times into a measuring cup. I divided the water by 3 and what you see is what you get.

Shots per full tank
3.5 Shots

This was the fun part. All I had to do was pump till its full and let the green monster loose, repump, and complete the circle until the resevoir was empty.

Performance Overview
12.5oz of water gushing out of it per second at 10x puts this gun not just within the bounds of insanity, but up with the higher CPSs. Also, the range on this thing (Mk4) under it enormous pressure can catapult a 5x blast well over 40 feet away, almost matching the CPS2000. I've never heard so many people scream before by being hit with a water gun while excpecting it.

Structural Overview
This thing fits snuggly under my arm while in combat. While being as big and as powerful as the others, the only thing it lacks (besides a pressure guage) is size. Her stubby wide appearance comes from being a foot shorter than CPS2500, and having the same capacity. Also, the nozzle switch allows for on the fly nozzle adjustment and calculation, without actually having to turn the gun around and look, like on CPS 2500 and CS200. The only downside of the switch is that it's another thing screaming to be broken.

Basic Overview
With 31oz of water in it's pressure tank (compared to 20oz in the 2500 and 29oz in the 3000) and a high payload deliverance of 12.5oz/sec in the 10x nozzle (compared to 20oz in the 2500 and 7oz in the 3000), The CPS 1500 is not a gun to be overlooked. Personally I think the CPS 1500 is worthy of a higher CPS number, but 2000 is already taken. CPS1750 maybe? Nah. However I can't help noticing that the CPS 1500, with its relatively small size, may be overlooked as just a larger CPS 1000 with a 10x Nozzle, but I'll tell ya, you be sorry when you're shot. Looking at the oz/sec stats on the Resevoir newsletter, you must remember that this is the CPS 2500 and 3000 running on it's 20x nozzle, the rating for the 1500 listed above is at 10x. Meaning that this baby is displacing water at such a high pressure that not only will you get soaked, you get pushed back!

But all in all, CPS's are just totally fun weapons, if not just totally insane, but the fun ends in a face blast. These guns, even the 1000, carry a high force blast that can lead to serious injurys. So don't shoot these things in the eyes or face. Hit their shirts, it scores you more points.