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Super Soaker CPS2500 Benchmarks

All Data on this page has been physically verified with an actual CPS2500 Mk2

The Benchmark

Tank Capacity
 3.1L - 105oz
Measured with a 500ml measuring cup. I was suprised to see it was the same capacity as CPS 1500

Pressure Tank Capacity
600ml - 20.3oz

Smaller than all other CPSs I've dealt with. But more powerful...

1 Second Blast 20x
600ml - 20.3oz
1 Second Blast at 10x
400ml - 13.6oz
1 Second Blast at 5x
250ml - 8.5oz

Shot Length at 20x
Shot Length at 10x
Shot Length at 5x

Pumps to full, First Pumping
26 pumps
Pumps to full, Later Pumpings
21 pumps

Pump Shaft Volume
30ml - 1oz

Shots per full tank
4.5 Shots

Performance Overview.
Now this is a Super Soaker! It gives an excellent buck when fired, so never stand on one leg and shoot it on 20x. 20x Dishes its comparitvely small 20oz payload in 1 second. Even though it does hurt in the Shot times, 5x can still punt a CPS 1000 past the goal posts. As for the water deliverance, Incredible. Just remember that conservation is the key.

Structural Overview.
Big. Not just Big, but long too. Be careful walking around with this thing. It seems to have a tendency to hit walls and doorways and knock over lamps when carrying this thing. The pump, where it is positioned under the handle, is much safer, but a little more akward to use. When the water gets low, it needs to be tilted down forward, but with the strap and the barrel mounted pump handle, you'll want to tilt it back. Also, the Nozzle settings are difficult to tell without firing, and with the low shot time, every drop counts. That can be solved with labels, or markers and duct tape. The Trigger also has a tendency on some models to  be bent in one direction or another. Some people find this difficult to use it this way. (Mine is curved, but in the right direction for me.)

Basic Overview.
A little different of experience when coming from using a CPS 1500, its lower shot times bring more pumping in on a more difficult pumping system. Its length is hard to get used to, but easyer to aim as the end of the barrel is reletivley round, and small. It is also fairly narrow. A pressure guage is a neat novelty, not really of any use if you can mentally tell how much is left (As I have been using Guageless gun my whole carrer.) It's weight, length and body design around the handle, can cause bruises on the carrying hand if used without the strap. So use the strap at all times. 20x on this sucker may be very short in duration, but can absolutely SOAK anything in it's path, as its stream billows out after leaving the nozzle, creating a thick, sadistic 1.5 inch compressed stream of air and water that feels like being hit by a bucket of water over the head. The Penetration value is off the Scale.

All in all, CPS's are just totally fun weapons, if not just totally insane, but the fun ends in a face blast. These guns, even the 1000, carry a high force blast that can lead to serious injurys. So don't shoot these things in the eyes or face. Hit their shirts, it scores you more points.