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The Super Soaker 30

"Peak Performance in a Compact Size"
original box
 Detailed Benchmark of 1999 Version
Water Capacity
9oz - 280mL
Standard Price (Canadian $)
Relative Weapon Size
Large Handgun
A Good Close Range weapon. Small enough to be hidden under a jacket, and Big enough to properly challenge a Super Soaker 50, for half the price. This compact water weapon was a good one to get you into and out of a water fight with a small wallet. (It worked for me...)
This Water Weapon has around the same range as a 50, but it doesn't have the same capacity. It makes and excellent Backup weapon, to complement any Classic and XP alike... Because it is a full power Super Soaker that carrys enough water to make up for the recharge time of a general large weapon...

A new, improved version of this classic has been rereleased in a Purple and Yellow design(As Shown Above). The same look with XP sturdyness and performance.