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Super Soaker CPS3000 Benchmarks

All Data on this page has been physically verified with an actual CPS3000

(Benchhmark by Freak on a Leash)

The Benchmark

Tank Capacity
8.13 Liters - 260oz

Pressure Tank Capacity
850ml - 29oz

1 Second Blast 20x
225ml - 7.6oz
1 Second Blast Typhoon
132ml - 4.5oz
1 Second Blast at 10x
141ml - 4.8oz
1 Second Blast at 5x
113ml - 3.8oz

Shot Length at 20x
Shot Length on Typhoon
Shot Length at 10x
Shot Length at 5x

Pumps to full
26 pumps

Pump Shaft Volume
33ml - 1.12oz

Shots per full tank, err, backpack
11.25 Shots

All in all, CPS's are just totally fun weapons, if not just totally insane, but the fun ends in a face blast. These guns, even the 1000, carry a high force blast that can lead to serious injurys. So don't shoot these things in the eyes or face. Hit their shirts, it scores you more points.