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Super Soaker Super Charger 400

All Data on this page has been physically verified with an Actual SuperCharger 400

The Benchmark

Tank Capacity (Filled completely)
715ml -  24oz
Measured with a measuring cup.

Nozzle Diameter

A large nozzle for a gun this size.

1 Second Blast at Maximum Force
50ml - 1.7oz

This was tested after filled with the QFD (Quick Fill Device)

Shot Length at above 70% power
6 sec

This was tested after filled with the QFD (Quick Fill Device)

Pumps to full, 2/3 full tank
20 pumps

Shots per Tank

Small size brings low capacity. It's even worse when you have high output.


QFD Loading Time
7 seconds
Full QFD Charge (2/3rds Tank)
450ml - 15.3 oz


Performance Overview.
My first impression of firing this gun was "This is a single tank weapon?". This little wonder belted out 1.7oz each second out of it's 1.8mm nozzle (bigger than NI-100), giving a very impressive run to a simple air pressure weapon. Of course any gun is only as good as its ability, this gun lacks in capacity, and is very finicky to shoot because if its tilted on a downward angle (because of its long tank) it will shoot only air and drain pressure, but it works fine when pointed upward or level. This thing does have excellent range for a Single tank Air pressure gun as well as a decent shot time, but you will have to refill the SC400 after the first shot because the first 6 seconds will have wasted more than half of your supply.
A good tip for boosting the performance of this gun is to follow what the box says to do. Pump 5 times before using the QFD. It will effectively increase your shot time buy 1 or 2 seconds.

Structural Overview.
There have been reports popping up all over the internet of these guns cracking at the bottle mount. Including one on Aquatechnology. But looking at the Aquatech SC400 Cross Section, the bottle mount (as they call it "Bottle Adapter") was made of cloudy clear plastic. My SC400 uses hard black plastic. It still doesn't justify for the difficulty of removing the bottle. It has an O-Ring that wraps around the bottle by the screw in section, it scuffs up against the Bottle mount as it comes out. Not to mention the high number of turns to get it out, not too hard to remove, but is noticeable. Which brings up a major question of why Larami chose an old style screw in bottle instead of an XP20/40 cap. Possibly because the cap might pop off if overcharged... or the gun's too big to dip completely underwater in a bucket if you use it that way. Still, aside from these Flaws the gun looks like it can take a beating, and in which case, are much better than the Classic series guns of its own size/class...

Basic Overview
This gun, size comparison, is around the same size as XP 65. Almost the same thing only without riot blast and with a QFD. Its a small light rifle good for a backup gun to complement a larger rifle, but as backup to a Cannon class CPS it lacks in the capacity that a CPS carryer may need. The SC400 is a good performer in power, but is a little sour in capacity. This gun wastes a lot of its water in quite a short period of time as it is almost empty after the first shot. This is definitely a gun for a medium Backup and smaller arms missions.