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The Super Soaker 50

"The Most Powerful Watergun Ever"
original box
Water Capacity
22oz - 690mL
Standard Price (Canadian $)
Relative Weapon Size
Small Rifle
The First Super Soaker. Yellow with a green tank, it brought fear to water warriors everywhere in the time of the simple water gun. with each pump of this weapon, another fighter wets his/her pants...
The standard weapon in use in the early days of the Super Soaker wars. Very few were lucky enough to afford a larger gun... Also it's relatively cheap price made it appealing to many starting in the field. The 50 was the lowest gun in the Classics to make any pump-trigger gun look wimpy.

Now that the Super Soaker has changed the water world, the Geriatric Super Soaker 50 has been rereleased as XP-50 in a collectors silver metallic model and (as shown above) in it's original colors.