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Super Soaker XP 150

(A better pic will soon be posted)

All Data on this page has been physically verified with an XP 95 Mk2

The Benchmark

Tank Capacity
1.1L - 37oz
Measured with a measuring cup.

Pressure Tank Capacity
375ml - 12.7oz

Measured by shooting into a receptacle container (a coke bottle)

Nozzle Diameter

Same size as it's bigger brother XP150.

1 Second Blast at Maximum Force
75ml - 2.54oz

Extremely Amazing for a gun like this.

Shot Length at above 70% power
6 sec

Doesn't last a long time, but it's output level is worth it.

Pumps to full

This is the Fastest pump I've ever seen. Even faster than XP150.

Pump Shaft Volume
57ml - 1.93oz

This is the kind of pump they need on CPSs

Shots per full tank
2.8 Shots


Performance Overview.
Impressive in a small package. This gun can do the same 2.54oz a sec as the 150, but can't keep it up for as long.  However this output level can let it stand up to a CPS1000 as effectively as an XP150 can. It does lack a little in capacity, and with its pain-in-the-rear tank mount system it is all the worse, but on the fly, her 7 pumps to full give this gun a better charge rate than maybe even the Super Chargers, and as such, can chase other guns around the field until it runs dry. Or simply charge an opponent with riot blast and be pumped in time for self defense.

Structural Overview.
The reservoir tank on this gun is a little difficult to use, and in battle its all the worse. The Handle is a little small, but I do have big hands. It's small size makes this an excellent backup gun, and maybe even better for the job than the XP70. Or just as a gun for smaller engagements. At any rate, it fills its positions well.

Basic Overview.
I was very impressed with this popular classic XP gun, she performed just as well as it's big brother XP150. However, XP95 hurts alot in capacity. But given the capacity, any lower class opposition will surely be outclassed. When fighting, don't fire to much and try to stay fully pumped. This Gun will stand up as well as any gun, but one tankload may leave you prematurely dry. Once that tankloads out, start praying. This gun will still hold up against a CPS1000, but don't excpect to outgun it...