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Super Soaker CPS 2000
Water Capacity
107oz - 3.2 Liters
Pressure Tank Size
30.5oz - 900mL
Maximum Water Deliverance
Canadian Price
Heavy Cannon/Main
Special Features
10x Blast (but it's somewhat bigger than standard 10x)
Talk about Pressure.
Thats not Pressure, this is pressure.
Being the first ever CPS, released alongside the XXP's and the second generation XP's, The Pressure system in this beast was so powerful that it gave it a good buck when firing. Making Range and sheer power never before seen and may never be seen again. This weapon (from what I've heard) had to be discontinued because it did not meet US saftey regulations, and also I've heard that one kid recived a point blank face blast, and it blew out an eye. This is litterally an eye popping gun!<groan>  All in all, this is the first gun to liteally throw someone off their feet... If your buying and you find one, pick it up.

The power in this sucker is enough to make the most experienced warrior lose their mind. Getting hit by a Watergun of this caliber is an experience by itself.

Its Power brings a low shot time. With a rather large non-changeable nozzle, it is not good on conservation. Also it's length and weight is quite a hassle, so work out.