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In March 2000, I had a problem with my CPS1500 "Mr. Grinch", and because I lost the receipt for it, It had to be opened and repaired. Below are pictures of what I found inside. The first visual proof that the CPS1500 has only one Pressure tank.

On the angle perspective, you can see how the Glued on Nozzle selector cap was removed. Not too pretty.

A Close up. Here you can clearly see how the trigger connects to the nozzle, and the lever connected to the firing case.
You may also notice duct tape on the firing piston, by the lever. This is what was repaired. Before, two plastic rings with a strong spring in between them existed. One of the rings shattered. After this picture was taken, this repair didn't work. It was successfully fixed a few weeks later when I added a plastic clamp (taken from an empty Super Soaker box, used for holding the guns on the box) for added support. It works fine now.