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Super Soaker Classic 100
Classic Edition
New and Improved Edition
"For the Serious Watergun Enthusiast" - Original Box
Benchmark Of the New Improved Version
Water Capacity
48oz - 1.5L
Pressure Tank Size
500ml - 17oz
Standard Price (Canadian $)
30$(Original) -  20$(New)
Relative Gun Size
Heavy Rifle
Later replaced by the 200 and eventually the 300, Classic 100 was once the Biggest of the Classics. But, as with all of the Classic line, the 100 was very fragile and broke easy. Eventually, it was rereleased in 1999 as the New Improved Classic 100 in Orange and Green colors (Shown Above Right).

In Testing, the New Improved 100 performs equal to the XP110, has a tad more shot time, and carrys about 30% more water, but, of course, is embarrassingly larger and much less durable. However the NI100 is much more durable than its predecessor, the CS-100.

2 Versions of this Gun Exist (Which are already Obvious)...

Classic 100
1990 Orginal
New and Improved 100
1999 Remake