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Detailed Benchmark
 See The Super Shooter CPS2000 Version
CPS Power in a compact size. Some compact gun.... She's the same size as the XP110 and she carrys as much as the Classic 200. This and CPS power rolled into one, you've got yourself a gun. The Perfect backup gun, or just a gun to use as a main weapon. Either way it's a wise choice.
This water weapon is a favorite to many, no nozzles to mess with, extreme power above non-CPS guns, and not as heavy as the typical CPS gun. What it lacks in capacity, it make up for in size, her small size allows for a light cannon to be moved about as a large rifle.
Just be careful toting this around any larger CPS, because the 1000 is still a bit smaller than its brothers, but don't get discouraged, you just have to be careful, not run away like crazy like you have to do with the Classic, XP or Supercharger line.
--==This weapon can also be found under the name==--
"Super Shooter CPS 2000"
The Super Shooter verison is an impressive clone of the CPS 1000, but lacks the original's durability, it is recommended that you buy the real thing rather than this clone, even though it performs exactly the same in battle.

Small and powerful. Quickly manuverable for fast attack running situations, and can outclass all of the CS, and XP guns.

With Small size comes small capacity. This gun won't give the long firing times that normally come with a 5x CPS nozzle.