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Super Soaker CPS 2500

 Detailed Benchmark
Water Capacity
105oz - 3.1 Liters
Pressure Tank Size
20.3 oz - 600ml
Maximum Water Deliverance
20.3 oz/sec
Canadian Price
Heavy Cannon/Main
Special Features
5x,10x, 20x Blast
The first watergun I ever looked at and then took the lords name in vain. This gun is just mean, heck, all CPS's are just mean. 20x is a large highly powered menacing blast that I think is totally unnessecary. But why would Larami build a gun that wasn't unnessecarilly huge? Thats probably what they were thinking when they built this gun. However there is a use for 20x, a close range blast to the lower body on a charge attack. (because when you pass after firing, you are in an excellent position to pump while firing)
Although she carrys a 20x nozzle, she doesn't carry much in the pressure tank. Also, it requires quite a bit of pumping, but given the pumps, it still makes the Classic 200 look bad.

The power of this thing with it's ability for conservation make this a deadly gun. The Small pressure tank can be looked on as a con but it actually it is a bit of a Pro because it makes the reservoir last longer while providing the gun with a 3 second 5x shot time. Excellent range, Intimidating size and a Pump safe from breaking make this a great cannon.

Its Small pressure tank brings a relatively low shot time. The Pump on the bottom of the barrel combined with the reservoir drain in the tank being on the front make this an difficult gun to pump. The nozzles are unmarked, and hard to determine on the fly (this can be fixed with duct tape and markers). Also it's length and weight is quite a hassle, so work out.